Thank You

Your Support Makes Everything Possible

Praying for Him is all about helping as many woman as possible learn to pray for their husbands. Every day hundreds of emails are sent around the world encouraging women to pray for their husbands.

I made a specific decision that we would not charge for Praying for Him. I know there are some ladies who simply wouldn’t be able to participate if it wasn’t free. So, I adapted a “Pay it Forward” approach.

Someone helped cover the cost for you to receive Praying for Him. If you can, please consider sponsoring others so we can encourage and empower as many women as possible to pray for their husbands.

All donations are tax-deductible and support the ministry of the National Prayer Room. National Prayer Room is a ministry dedicated to encouraging prayer and spiritual awakening.

Thank you for helping other women learn to pray for their husbands.

Billy Taylor
National Prayer Room

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