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You May Be Wondering…

You may be wondering why a man would write a prayer guide to help women pray for their husbands.

The truth is, most men are not going to tell their wives what they really need praying for. In case you haven’t noticed, most men aren’t as open about their feelings and struggles as women are. Their true needs and fears are rarely expressed even in the most intimate conversations.

Most men are not going to ask their wives to pray for them because they are struggling with lust or pornography. They’re going to share their feelings of inadequacy as a father, or husband. They will rarely share they feel over their head or out of their league at work.

I wrote Praying for Him from a man’s perspective. What are the things husbands really need prayer for? I wrote Praying for Him to help you pray more effectively and more consistently for your husband.

I believe as you go through the 42 days of Praying for Him, you are going to gain new and exciting insight on how to better pray for your husband, claim scripture promises to encourage him to be the man God has called him to be, and develop a habit of praying for your husband.

Imagine what God is going to do in your marriage, family, and husband as you begin praying for him.

About the Author

Thanks for dropping by Praying for Him. I have a passion for helping Christians experience all God has for them.

I have served as Senior Pastor, Worship leader in churches in Texas and Oklahoma. I’m the Founder of the National Prayer Room; a ministry focused on encouraging prayer and spiritual awakening.

I’m a writer, blogger, and speaker. I help churches experience spiritual renewal through weekend encounters and workshops.
If I can be of service to your church, please contact me. I’d love to help any way I can.

Billy Taylor
National Prayer Room

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